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your inner flow

Isn't life magical?

Peace, wholeness and balance is the key to a healthy spiritual life


We organise wellness retreats in India with a perfect blend of tourism and leave you with an experience!


We aim to spread the ancient Ayurvedic practices and recipes to you staying around the globe


We export artisanal wellness products made with lots of love and affection by women from villages in India

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Onshore sessions

You’re welcome to join us for sessions on Ayurvedic therapies to rejuvenate, relax and enhance your body from within 


Our best times are spent with you visiting India’s culture and ancient practice. Celebrate the auspicious festival of Diwali with us this time!

Travel with us

Visit India’s diversified culture, traditions and terrain.
Heritage - Local - Spiritual



We have practices and recipes, tried and tested coming straight from my Grandma’s diary. It has been our lifestyle since I was young and I’d love to share it with you to be healthier and happier together 🙂